Summer Jibbin

Jibbin’ at the “The Beach”, Whaleback Mountain, Enfield, NH

Do you like skiing and snowboarding on rails and boxes? Whaleback Mountain in Enfield New Hampshire has made it possible for kids who love rails and boxes to ski year-round. At Whaleback, Owner Evan and his Co-workers have designed a summer jib or, as we call it, “The Beach.” The beach has been modified over the years, transforming the large, intimidating ramp drops that lead to more jumps onto other rails and boxes. For kids who love to compete in freestyle skiing and snowboarding or even just want to improve their skills, this is the place to go. Whaleback holds rail jams and other small competitions from time to time as well.

Scott Johnson from fairlee, vermont

The jib is made out of astro-turf, dirt and wood. The astroturf makes it easier to put snow or soap and water on it. Both soap and snow work for skiing and boarding, as they both give you a slippery surface to slide down before hitting the features. When you fall it still hurts as much as if you were on snow, but you can not get better unless you fall.
If you would like to go and use this amazing setup, you can call Evan at Whaleback Mountain or just google Whaleback Mountain to get more information on upcoming events and competitions. I would recommended this to anyone who wants to improve their rail riding before snow falls this winter.

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