Students Have Commitment & Sleeping Problems due to too Much Homework

As always, teachers at HHS give students homework for further education and extra practice outside of class. The official vibe of homework is not good to begin with, but given the increasing complaints from students at HHS who have not been getting enough sleep or have missed commitments due to homework, that reputation is getting even worse.

While some students at Hanover get as much as ten hours of sleep per night, many get as few as four hours, and some get no sleep at all. This could cause problems, especially if students play sports or are in other extracurricular activities. Tired students have fallen asleep in class and missed all of the material for the day, causing more problems. Freshmen take seven classes and are just beginning to understand how high school works. The lack of sleep could be very stressful to them. Upper classmen are usually busy thinking about college and doing all the necessary essays and applications. When they are using the computer or internet at the school and must drive home late, their tiredness affects their driving, increasing their risk of having a car crash.
Although I do not feel stressed often, I do get stressed when my sleeping is thrown off from usual. I need a lot of sleep, and if I do not get my average 8 or 9 hours a night, I can become cranky. Hopefully this is not the case for the students who I interviewed, because many of them said that they only get a maximum of 8 hours per night, and often stay up late doing homework. These students said that they would love more sleep. Some even admit to being stressed because of how little sleep they get.
I think that teachers should acknowledge how much time students spend on homework every night. Math and science classes have an especially bad reputation, along with most honors classes. The difference in work load between honors and “regular” classes is significant. When students find it hard to make a commitment to their job or sport, they know it is time to lighten their load.
Some coaches at Hanover have been inconvenienced due to players missing practices and games due to excess homework. If teachers gave more long-term deadlines to students instead of assignments due the next day, then we would all be much happier. When we get an assignment that we have to do that night, it either doesn’t get done or forces students to stay up late to do it. Having too much homework causes stress and many other problems for students in all grades at Hanover.
Students at Hanover complain that they have too much homework and do not have sufficient time for other activities.  With the homework overload given by teachers, they are unable to keep up with the rest of their lives without losing sleep. When teachers give a lot of homework, students can become very stressed, which can cause other problems that can prevent students from being the best that they can be.



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