Another Great Year In Sports at HHS

Ben Sobel clearing 5 feet 4 inches at the anual Division II Freshmen Sophmore Track Meet

Ben Sobel clearing 5 feet 4 inches at the anual Division II Freshmen Sophmore Track Meet

And the great thing here at HHS is that to have a great year in sports, we don’t have to have a fistful of state championships or a whole bunch of winning records or a gang of all-state athletes  – though we often do. Every year we have a great  program because of several key features that operate every year here at HHS.

We currently have 77% participation of our students in interscholastic sports. That is amazing and doesn’t even show the number of multi-sport athletes we have. And there is the spread of sports we have here that many larger schools do not have – golf, crew, tennis – for example. And these sports field over 65 teams at all levels of competition.

Then there is whom we compete against. We compete mostly in NH division II determined by our size. But in 25% of our sports we compete against the larger schools in Division I –  and they are in very competitive sports such as boys soccer, boys lacrosse, boys hockey and boys tennis. And our girls hockey team competes in the only division there is – and consistently wins.Then there is crew – our most popular sport – which competes regionally and does very well.

This year we have had state championships in Girl’s hockey, Girl’s soccer, Boys Golf and in the amazing sport of Ski Jumping where our team is consistently one of the best in the nation. This spring the Girl’s tennis team is undefeated and headed for the States, and the boys tennis is on the brink of entering the States.

So it has been a great year. And congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, managers and parents for doing such a great job representing Hanover High School in such a public and successful way. And also for the number of Sportsmanship Banners in our gym. That says it all.