Council Commentary 12.10.14

Today’s council meeting begins with reports, as always.

PR: Ethan Gorman reminds us all that it is the reps job to talk about council during common ground.

OEC: Looked at bylaw revisions you’ll see later on.

Student Life is going to possibly release their survey soon, and the Environment club has concluded that hand dryers are not more efficient than paper towels.

Tech committee discussed releasing a survey for ninth graders and ninth grade teachers concerning chromebooks.

Admin will vote at next week’s committee meeting on the web presence motion.

Next, Kelsey Smith reintroduces the motion that basically says second semester seniors needn’t take the exam if they have an A- or better. This was passed last year, but Mr. Campbell questioned the council’s jurisdiction.

After Jakub Bobrowicz raised the question of “Why?” since a student getting an A in a class probably wouldn’t be too burdened by the test, Tobias Reynolds suggests that it is mostly a motivating factor, to encourage a student to get an A- or above to avoid taking an exam.

Kelsey Smith reminded us that the discussion is about creating a committee to discuss jurisdiction of the council, not the motion itself.

Next, we have some bylaw revisions, a super tedious and not entirely useful segment of time. The council passed the list, excepting one about council posters, of housekeeping changes unanimously. They moved to remove the clause that required 2/10 of the posters to have actual information about the candidate. Sarah Bibeau opposed this because removing the actual information would make council elections even more of a popularity contest. People talked about it, and they had opinions. I agreed with some and disagreed with others. If any of the council members read this, my suggestion for the posters is that one exactly must be a serious platform outline, and they all be posted together on one wall so that all the platforms are visible next to all the others.

The motion to strike the clause failed. Then, as always happens, the meeting adjourned quite abruptly.