Council Report 11.12.14

Firstly, I would like to apologize for offending people with last week’s article. My intent was to amuse, not anger, and I understand that this was not the result. If I targeted anyone, please rest assured it was not meant to single you out, but rather an attempt at mocking humour.

From reports, COI approved a practical physics course for next year, to be available to juniors and seniors.

Connor Stafford introduced the new “Course Concern Form”, pending approval from Mr. Campbell.

Next, Max Greenwald moved

Ms. Caldwell gave an authorship speech recognizing that while we can communicate with teachers 24/7, should we? It puts pressure on students and teachers to communicate whenever there is any issue. She also spoke to how students are asking for extensions and recommendation letters via email, and that seems to erode the skill of speaking to a person of authority.

The questions are difficult to answer.

Q: What about when a student doesn’t understand something? What do they do then?

A: For years, students didn’t communicate with teachers outside of school, and they got by. My interpretation is that students should try to deal with it and solve their own problems.

Q: What about if a teacher is out sick? Could they email a teacher at home during the school day?

A: I don’t know, we’d have to figure that out.

Max Greenwald supports this motion as it is essentially just spirit with no legislative weight, and just promotes better communication and problem solving, since students are encouraged to fix their own problems rather than just emailing a teacher.

Tobias Reynolds supports it because it gives students an excuse not to answer emails, and it also encourages real discussion with teachers.

The motion does pass.

Next week, the motion to transfer the ownership of the Nick Beard opinion board to the Broadside.