Anyone Up for Bunge Jumping?

For many students, moving to New Hampshire from Minnesota would be scary enough, not to mention moving here without your parents for the first few weeks, but for Jayne Bunge (pronounced bung-ee), it seemed easy enough. Jayne is a freshman, so one would think she would be prepared to go to a new and foreign high school, but Jayne actually comes from a small town with a population of 800. Her old school was kindergarten through 12th grade with a total of 300 students. Coming to a school like Hanover was a huge change. She moved here before her parents and stayed with a family friend until her dad joined her here while her mother is staying in Minnesota to finish packing up the house.

Her family picked Hanover to move to because Jayne’s mom wanted the best high school for her to go to, and I for one think they chose correctly. So far, Jayne loves Hanover. “Everybody’s really really nice and they’re really supportive and they make sure you’re okay,” she said when I asked her about how she felt about the school.

At her old school, Jayne was on the volleyball team. Now at Hanover, not only is she on the team, but she is also the only freshman on varsity. It isn’t very common to have a freshman on varsity, usually there is only one, if any. Last year, Marie Pillsbury was the baby of the team, so Jayne has taken on that role. The team likes to call her “Lil’ J” or “Baby J”, although I seem to be the only one who calls her Baby J. During practices and games, she isn’t a typical timid freshman, oh no, she’s very aggressive. She knows she made the team for a reason, and she doesn’t let anyone forget it. Off the court, she’s only slightly less aggressive, but in a friendly way. So far, she’s loving the school and everything it has to offer. Let’s make her feel welcome!