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Opinion on Ferguson

Being 16 years old, I had many reasons as to why I was still awake at 12:58 PM on a Saturday evening. But rather than watching television or playing video games like anyone my...


College Life

Hello intrepid reader. My name is Karthik Gomathinayagam. I graduated from HHS last June and am currently a freshman, or first year as we’re supposed to call ourselves, at Purdue. Purdue is a large...


HHS Boys Soccer 2014 Season Outlook

The season has started out well for the Hanover Boys Soccer program. The Varsity and JV teams both won their opening season games and look forward to exciting and challenging seasons. After finishing a 2013...


Delaney’s Opinion: Objectifying Women

Something that has recently become a focus point in our culture is the objectifying of women. Catcalling, “inferiority” in the world and even some religious standpoints can shrink a woman’s feeling of self-worth. Call...

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Review of the Amazing Spider-man 2

The Amazing Spider-man 2 swung in theaters May 2 and has caused a split in moviegoers everywhere. Some praise it as the best movie the wall crawler has been in while others says its...


Bursting my bubble

Over March Intensive Janet Daniels, Isa Barrington, my mom and I went to Haiti to do volunteer work. We stayed in a small village called Bois d’Avril in the mountains above Port-au-Prince. We stayed...


Hanover Baseball vs Lebanon

Today Hanover had a close game against Lebanon by was able to win with the single run scored by Rohan Kumar. Parker Thurston pitched for Hanover and Lebanon had only two hits off of him.