Leading By Example Rather Than By Mandate


"DO BETTER" and ending your statement with an unironic " ... " is really doing a lot to help HHS' environment!  Seriously who comes up with these slogans?

“Demanding us to”DO BETTER” in all caps and ending your statement with an unironic ” … ” is really doing a great job helping HHS’ environment!” – said Absolutely No One Ever

It was almost as if Providence had me watch John Carpenter’s They Live (my modified poster to the leftright before these posters (right image) were put up on the bridge in the Atrium. Usually I never have a problem with posters provided that they have the Office’s permission (I didn’t have a step ladder to check if they did, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt), but the “in your face” tone of these posters compelled me to write this editorial. Is that tone really necessary? Especially since Earth Day was only a few weeks ago, when the school’s Environmental Club was allowed essentially to occupy the entire school in order to promote their platforms.

It’s these kinds of edgy attention seeking gimmicks that make me shake my head. I see plenty of litter and garbage on school property and in town. Shouldn’t cleaning these areas be more important to an environmentalist than putting up posters trying to guilt their cohorts into doing it for them?

History has shown that leading by example is the most effective way to get a job done; no one understands this better than me. Being the leader of a club that depends on its members doing work outside of school, I learned quickly that mandating work to be done isn’t nearly as effective as setting an example for others to follow.

That’s why I’m announcing my intention to post any photo of someone from our school helping HHS’ environment by either tending to the school’s plants and vegetation or picking up litter, trash, composting, or doing the recycling. If you have a photo of yourself doing one of these things, I’ll feature it. Send them to broadside@hanovernorwichschools.org.

I’ll feature them entirely online, so we don’t have to kill trees for making paper copies or more sanctimonious “in your face” posters.

I wish I had thought of this positive, inclusive, and friendly activity before Earth Day, but why focus all of your care for the environment on just one day? I think it’s good to be Earth conscious everyday!

By the way if you’re a Bernie supporter you’d love the movie. I highly suggest it (with parental guidance it’s rated R, yadda yadda). One of my favorites surprisingly. More relevant today than ever.

they live

Pretty close to my reaction when I saw these posters in the Atrium this morning.


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