All About The Bernie Club

What is the Bernie Club about? Who is Bernie Sanders? What makes Bernie Sanders unique? These are all valid questions. Bernie Sanders is a Vermont senator who is running for president. Bernie Sander’s club is all about supporting, volunteering for, and spreading the word for Bernie’s campaign. In Bernie club, you get to do a variety of tasks to help his campaign, such as knocking on doors and explaining his positions, making phone calls, going to rallies and putting up signs. The Bernie Sanders club tells fellow Bernie supporters what is going on around the local campaign headquarters in Lebanon, and all of the activities that club members can volunteer for. If you want to have the experience of helping a presidential campaign, this is the club for you. Also, it does not take up much time, for there are only meetings around every first tuesday of the month in room 214, where you are given updates of what’s going on with the local campaign. Even if you do not necessarily always agree with Bernie, helping a campaign is an experience that I would recommend for anybody, for it is great in teaching about democracy, learning more about the problems this country faces, and most of all, it is great fun!

There are many things that make Bernie Sanders unique from the other people also campaigning for president. Unlike most other candidates, Bernie has always had the same stance on things such as being pro gay marriage, and being against the Iraq war. He refuses to take money from special interest groups, and he believes in free state college tuition, free health care and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

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