The Great View Rollerskating Rink

The Great View rollerskating rink in Enfield, NH is a safe and fun place for all. It is a second home for many Upper Valley teens and a great place to be accepted for who you are. Needless to say, I love it there.

Before I started hanging out at Great View, it had been years since I had even looked at a pair of roller-skates. I had no clue what the difference between skates and blades was and I kept falling¬†on my face every time I stood up. This didn’t matter, however, because at Great View no one cares about anyone else’s level of expertise and are happy to help each other learn the ins and outs of roller skating. I have never spent so many hours filled with non-stop smiling with people who understand that all that matters is that you enjoy yourself. Great View and the people there have been there for me through tough times and has become the support system I rely on every weekend.

Sadly, Great View may have to close sometime in the near future. This poses a huge problem for those people who like me rely on Great View as a place where they can throw all caution to the wind and be themselves. One such person is Gayl. Even though she often refers to herself as the “107-year old asthmatic,” we at the rink know that she is much more than that. Gayl is loyal and welcoming, leaving a lasting imprint on everyone she meets. Gayl’s love for the rink is contagious, and I often find it difficult to see her and Great View as two separate entities. It is in large part thanks to Gayl that I love the rink so much. I encourage everyone to embrace the rink with all of Gayl’s fervor and zeal. Put your cares aside and just skate. Not only will your participation help the rink, I guarantee it will help you, as well.


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